Trondheim Tours grows from a deep seeded passion for culture, history, and travel.

The owner and head guide is a native English speaker originally from the United States who has been living in Norway since 2004. In the summer season we partner with other highly qualified independent guides so we are able to provide something for everyone.

Sharing Trondheims highlights and hidden sights with travelers from around the world is what drives us. Trondheim is a truly unique and historic city.

Trondheim Tours is an independent company. Booking a tour with us means, you are choosing to support independent and professional local guides.

We are proud contributing members of the Trondheim Historical Society (Trondhjems Historiske Forening). We believe in supporting and preserving Trondheims heritage and history for generations of locals and visitors to come.

Trondheim Tours provides you with a very professional and personalized service.

We look forward to welcoming you as a visitor and leaving you feeling like a local. Make the most of your time in Trondheim and book a tour today!


Thank you, for your support.