Regional History Tour

6 hours. In English. Begins and ends in Trondheim.

The Regional History Tour begins by picking you up from a central point within Trondheim. We drive north from Trondheim along the coast and then head inland to the Norwegian fortress of Hegra.
Built by the Norwegians in 1910 to defend against the potential threat to their independence by Sweden. Hegra was occupied by the Nazis during World War II after an initial resistance by Norwegian troops.

You are able to go through the fortress both inside and out and soak in the
natural beauty that surrounds the fortress or reflect on what it must have been
like to defend this fort from Swedish or German attack all those years ago.
After Hegra, we head to Leirfall, a hill of ancient stone carvings. Dating back thousands of years they give us insight into the day to day lives and spiritual beliefs of the ancient people who once called this area home. We then head back towards Trondheim.

On the way, we stop at the sleepy village of Hell for a short break and then to the Hell train station for picture taking and the opportunity to show and tell, friends and family that you really have been to Hell and back.

After a short hike from the Hell train station we arrive at the site of two very large and ancient carved moose petroglyphs which were left by hunters thousands of years ago.
Afterwards we head back to Trondheim.

The Trondheim History Tour is a fantastic day out and offers a chance to appreciate the amount of history and culture in the region. This tour is a good option for those who have been to Trondheim before or those who would like to do more than the average history tour.



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